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How does Telemedicine Benefit Pediatric Providers?


According to the latest estimates, kids under 15 years old are responsible for more than 71 million visits to the doctor’s office. It is by far the leading cause that mandates day-offs for parents.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will alleviate the need for in-person visits, which is pediatric telehealth.

This technology allows for virtual pediatrics encounters, where the parent and their child can speak with a board-certified pediatrician.

Let us discuss the potential benefits of adopting this technology and answer some frequently asked questions.

School-Based Pediatric Telehealth

If a child becomes ill at school, it is easier to contact the pediatrician via telemedicine, who will provide the necessary guidance for the teachers and parents, minimizing the disruption of school and work.

Schools can also adopt the technology of virtual pediatrics telemedicine to avoid absenteeism and catch up with the rapid pace of telehealth.

Chronic Care Management

There are several chronic conditions that affect children.

Caring for a child with a chronic condition that requires constant monitoring can be a challenging task, especially when both parents have jobs.

The good news is that pediatric telehealth lowers the number of in-person visits, allowing you to treat your patients more efficiently and thoroughly.

Some examples of the conditions we are talking about include diabetes, asthma, congenital heart disease, epilepsy, and mental health disorders.

Patient Education

While seeing a child to take their medical history and examine them is indispensable, educating the parents of a child about a medical condition or how to manage it at home does not mandate an in-person visit.

In this case, a virtual visit via your computer or smartphone is more than sufficient.

The Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients

If you’re a pediatrician, telemedicine can help you provide efficient and convenient medical care for your patients who cannot visit your clinic. Whether your patient has an urgent concern or needs a routine follow-up appointment, telemedicine can help. It allows you to have a real-time, face-to-face consultation that is as close as possible to an in-office visit.

Access to care

Increased access to care:

Telemedicine allows your patients to reach you even if they lie in remote or rural areas, lack transport, or are unable to travel to your clinic. It also makes it easier for disabled people to have a consultation.


Reduced care costs:

Telemedicine reduces the cost because telemedicine visits are less expensive than in-person visits.

Improved Quality

 Improved quality of care:

Patients are more relaxed in their home environment they tend to engage more with you during the consultation. Better engagement also means improved quality of care.

Common Telemedicine Services Provided by Pediatricians

Routine exams

Perhaps the most important aspect of a pediatrician’s job is to reassure parents and provide care for their child when they are suffering from a common illness (e.g., the flu).

Performing this task via a video visit permits the doctor to care for the patient without unnecessary in-person visits.

Medication management

Children who have chronic conditions that require long-term intake of drugs will especially benefit from pediatric telehealth.

Examples of illnesses that require close monitoring of medication management include asthma and diabetes.

Mental health treatment

According to studies, patients report a high level of satisfaction when receiving psychiatric counseling via telemedicine.

Therefore, providing mental health care for children with depression, anxiety, or other disorders can be easily set up via virtual pediatrics telemedicine.

The Benefits of Telemedicine for your Practice

Engaging with your patients creates a lasting relationship

Frequent missed appointments and failure to adhere to treatment plans are among a few things that hurt the long-term health of patients. By making access to care less of a burden, patients become more engaged in their treatment plans. This has long-term benefits for patients, their families, and the healthcare system as a whole.

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