Telemedicine for Cardiology

Convenient To manage Heart Health

Around 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. The number of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease is increasing. As it increases, so does the demand for specialist care. Telemedicine for cardiology services provides physicians and patients with a convenient way to manage heart disease.

How Cardiology Telehealth Offers a Lifeline

Telemedicine provides real-time consultations using the internet and audio/video technology. Many types of cardiology treatment transition well to telemedicine platforms. For example, cardiovascular disease prevention can be performed using virtual patient check-ups. Other advantages include:

  • Minimizing exposer to staff and other patients
  • Increasing patient-physician interaction
  • Extending physician reach
  • Increasing early presentation of acute illness
  • Alleviating specialist shortages
  • Easier lifestyle counseling
  • Streamlined clinical workflow

Keep Your Patients Closer with Cardiology Telehealth

One of the most important areas where telemedicine can play a crucial role in cardiology health is with cardiac rehab. This health program is designed to improve heart health after a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack. Yet less than 25% of patients keep up with their prescribed regimen.

Because cardiac rehab is so important for recovering patients, cardiologists have to make extra effort to encourage patients to participate. By removing the inconvenience of travel to rehab centers, telemedicine allows patients to complete their cardiac rehab from their own homes.

Telecardiology Patient Satisfaction

Another advantage of virtual consultations is that both the patient and the physician are more relaxed. This means improved patient education and greater patient-provider engagement.

When a patient has a telemedicine consultation, it is often in the comfort of their home. There is no need to travel. Usually, appointments can be scheduled to suit the patient’s needs. So, a patient could possibly have a virtual doctor visit at work on their lunch break.

Telecardiology in Pediatric Care

Young patients with congenital heart defects need frequent monitoring to track the disease’s progression. Many cardiologists are finding that telemedicine is a valuable tool in pediatric care. It allows them to check in with their patient’s families and check on their patients regularly. It also reduces the need for parents to bring their child to the hospital.

Many cardiologists are also able to monitor some of their most fragile patients using devices like tablets. This enables the physicians to enter their patient’s vital signs from home. The information can then be viewed remotely by the cardiovascular treatment team. This is particularly valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

CareTime Md works with these users and organization types: Mid-Size Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.

 CareTime Md supports these languages: English.

CareTime Md offers support via 24/7 live support and online.

Yes, CareTime Md has a mobile app for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

CareTime Md provides training in the form of documentation and live online.

Yes, being compliant with HIPAA is vital for any telehealth application to protect patient’s privacy and prevent the leakage of sensitive information. Fortunately, CareTime Md is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth software.

How Can CareTime Md Meet Your Telehealth Needs?

A smiling Physicians

At CaretimeMd, we’ve developed a telemedicine feature-rich solution with wide uses that also includes all of the pertinent documentation for OSHA and workmen’s comp cases, as they are important for many workers and physicians.

We’re proud to offer a versatile solution that allows clinics to streamline the entire visit process, from scheduling through billing. CaretimeMd lets patients use a patient portal to schedule visits and fill out documentation prior to their assigned time so that the physician has all of the information available during the visit. This allows for better care with no missing information. This telehealth software or application is easy to use and we offer excellent support to help staff train on the software.

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