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Choosing the right telehealth solution can be a daunting task. We have compiled an unbiased outline of some of the most highly recommended solutions on the market today.

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For many physicians and healthcare organizations, there’s no longer a question of whether or not to use telehealth solutions. It’s become clear that this tool offers benefits for better patient care, especially for those patients with chronic conditions. Last year, the American Medical Association published an article that indicated the use of telehealth was growing faster than any other place of care, at a 53% increase. That news came well before the world started reeling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

For obvious reasons, telehealth use has exploded in the months since coronavirus first became known. Perhaps surprisingly, many physicians who initially felt this technology would be inadequate found that it has a number of positive attributes. Going forward, healthcare organizations, physicians, and patients can benefit in a myriad of ways. For patients in rural areas, telehealth offers the ability to conduct visits with a physician via video conferencing without lengthy travel times. For those in urban areas, this addition offers a convenient way to take care of healthcare needs in the midst of a busy schedule. And for physicians, it serves as an extra tool to help patients maintain compliance with recommended treatments for more optimal outcomes.

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Choosing the Top Telehealth Software to Fit Your Organization

There’s no shortage of reasons to add this technology to your practice’s available tools. The difficulty for many organizations has been a question of which software solution is the best choice. There are a number of good options on the market and they each offer some benefits, great telehealth app features and drawbacks, just like any other type of software solution.

We’ve compiled a list of several highly recommended solutions with an overview of the way the system works and the types of benefits and telemedicine features they offer. This can be used as a resource along with independent research. When making a final decision on your solution, there are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Cost. For realistic purposes, the cost will always be a consideration when investing in a new vendor or software. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should choose the lowest priced solution, but you should weigh what they offer in time savings and efficiency with the overall investment. Checkout telehealth Platform cost 
  • Integration. It’s essential that your telehealth solution is easy to use, telemedicine feature rich and integrates well with your current EHR and administrative solutions. This makes the administrative process far more efficient and helps you secure payment and document appointments.
  • Training Staff/User-friendly. For many organizations, training time and usability of the system will be a key concern. Make sure that your solution offers robust training support, great telemedicine features and that your staff will find it easy to learn and work with.
  • Compliant. HIPAA compliance needs to be a consideration whenever medical information is communicated through any digital channel.
  • Robust Reporting. Analytics and reporting options help your practice use the data gained through virtual visits to assess how these treatments impact your business model and also to better understand the wellness outcomes for your patients.

Researching Telehealth Software

As you research solutions, make sure that the telemedicine software you choose answers your own organization’s top concerns. Some things you should consider in your decision making might include: How does this software integrate with my current EHR? Does this solution offer a better ability to communicate with patients? Do the reporting features make sense for my internal workflows and administrative process? Does this solution offer an efficient way to bill and code for these visits?

Telehealth is a growing field. The software you choose should offer the ability to help your practice implement solutions in a timely way while maintaining compliance.

Healow Telehealth Solutions

Healow Telemedicine Software, developed by eClinicalWorks promises the quality of an in-office visit through their virtual visit software. Their solution allows you to initiate the visit with a text or email. It includes appointment scheduling, as well as pre-visit questionnaires that the patient can fill out. You can collect vital signs through this solution and there are applications to allow you to document progress for your ongoing patients. This solution offers a mobile app for physicians and includes the ability to schedule appointments online. eClinicalWorks also offers analytics to help your administration use data to oversee virtual visits. You can collect patient data through wearables, as well.

This solution is fully HIPAA compliant and offers 24/7 support at no extra cost.


NextGen’s telemedicine software platform boasts on-demand virtual visits that allow you to turn your after-hour patient calls into full video visits without needing to access your EHR. Some telehealth features this solution offers include easy patient communication and workflow to allow your administrative staff to more easily collect patients and schedule appointments. NextGen’s solution is HIPAA compliant and offers the ability to screen share and invite a third party into virtual visits to allow a family member or interpreter into the meeting.


Advance MD offers a telehealth software to help keep overhead costs down and increase profits. Their solution boasts a secure transmission and the ability to bring specialists into virtual visits, rather than referring patients out of the practice. This solution has one-click EHR scheduling, making it simple to work with their appointment dashboard. The solution is easy to learn and user friendly.

AdvancedMD’s telemedicine software platform is HIPAA compliant. According to their website, this software integrates with AdvancedMD’s EHR system, but it makes no mention of alternate EHR systems. This might be an ideal solution if you already use AdvancedMD’s EHR. If you currently use another software for your EHR, you should verify integration capacity. is a free Telemedicine platform. They believe that cost should not be a barrier to quality of care, which is one of the reasons that they offer the service without charge. Doxy telehealth solution works for a multi-provider practice and is compliant with HIPAA, as well as other worldwide security compliance requirements. It offers one-to-one messaging and video conferencing. The application is accessible from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The interface is easy to use and there is no downloading necessary. It does not integrate with your own EHR records and your administrative needs are handled separately, so it’s not an all in one solution.


Kareo’s telemedicine software offer video appointments in a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. This solution offers scheduling, access to patient information, and allows you to collect payments through the platform. Kareo also offers eligibility checks to make sure that visits are covered by insurance when possible and that claims are filed correctly. They’ve streamlined their application so that patients can easily access their video visits from their home devices, without complicated downloads. This can be an excellent telehealth feature for older patients who are not as comfortable with technology.

One thing to be aware of with the Kareo telehealth software is that their website indicates that they integrate with their own EHR and practice management software but there’s no mention of integration with other solutions. If your practice EHR is a different software solution, this is something to research further before making a purchasing decision.

Top Telehealth Software Comparison Chart

We’ve put together a comparison chart to give you a quick overview of the benefits that each software solution includes. Some characteristics will be more interesting to your practice than others. We’ve included an overview of the services we offer through our telemedicine solution below.

Telemedicine Features

Caretime Md





Supports real-time treatment

Supports In-Home Monitoring for Chronic cases

Mobile app

Desktop app

iPad app

Integrates with EHR

HIPAA Compliant

Includes OSHA required forms

Real Time Billing /Reimbursement Information

Robust Reporting

Patient Portal/Self-scheduling


Lab Automation

Scalable for Larger Organizations

Key Data Entry

Voice Data Entry

Point and Click Data Entry

Automate health reminders

How Can CareTime Md Meet Your Telehealth Needs?

All of the solutions listed above have their own strengths. You’ll notice that each solution works to meet specific needs for the patient and practice type. At CaretimeMd, we’ve developed a telemedicine feature rich solution with wide uses that also includes all of the pertinent documentation for OSHA and workmen’s comp cases, as they are important for many workers and physicians.

We’re proud to offer a versatile solution that allows offices to streamline the entire visit process, from scheduling through billing. CaretimeMd lets patients use a patient portal to schedule visits and fill out documentation prior to their assigned time so that the physician has all of the information available during the visit. This allows for better care with no missing information. This telehealth software or application is easy to use and we offer excellent support to help staff train on the software.

Patients can schedule on-demand visits so that their needs are met in a timely manner and physicians can easily assess whether they need an in-person visit or if the telehealth visit is sufficient to diagnose and treat any current ailment.

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Our telehealth software platform is  fully integrates with your current EHR to allow you real-time access to patient’s billing and payment records and other pertinent information during and after the visit. Details of each telehealth appointment can be noted with their record and billed through the application, streamlining the process for staff.

Contact us today to learn more about the CareTime Md Telehealth Software.

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