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Top Tips for Ensuring Telehealth Patient Engagement


Most people and providers, telehealth is a means to offer low-cost, convenient, and effective access to healthcare. It’s also a way to get active patient engagement and outcomes. 

Of course, patient engagement goes beyond healthcare providers engaging patients in their care, as it’s a long-term strategy for improving healthcare far and wide. However, as telehealth becomes more advantageous, providers are having trouble with increasing patient engagement.

It’s quite the conundrum.

In this article, we’re going to talk about patient engagement—what it means and how to ensure the active patient engagement and outcomes you’re looking for

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What Is Telehealth Patient Engagement?

Telehealth Patient engagement

Telehealth patient engagement refers to the ideal situation in which patients are well-informed about possible treatment, healing, medication options, and other systems relevant to their medical care. All of these things are thought to contribute to improved health outcomes.

In a nutshell, it’s a system that allows providers and patients to work as one to improve health. By engaging patients in the decision-making in terms of their medical care, patient engagement increases knowledge and understanding, which leads to more positive health outcomes.

Information technology has played a large role in establishing patient engagement. Aside from telehealth, many health institutions have made use of technology in the name of patient engagement best practices such as wearables, mobile applications, patient portals, and smart devices, to name a few. 

Unlike a traditional doctor’s appointment, patient engagement practices allow patients to access their medical files and access to treatment options, outpatient programs, alternative health solutions, and more. 

As we mentioned above, patient engagement has become a puzzle for healthcare providers as there are plenty of challenges in increasing engagement.

The most significant challenges are a lack of time, a lack of training, and patient care personalized per the individual. Some patients lack the personal motivation and discipline needed to take the essential steps to regain their health.

Keeping these challenges in mind, we present our top tips for ensuring patient engagement:

Make Sure Patients Have Access to Their Medical Records

To work in a unified way, healthcare providers and patients ensure your patients have access to their medical records necessary. It’ll be a tedious project at first, but once you have a platform enabeling patients easy access to view their records, it’ll make life much more comfortable.

Plus, patients who can easily access their information are more likely to take the reins in managing their conditions. 

Create an Email List

Emailing is the more flexible option compared to old-fashioned phone calling—plain and simple! With email, you can send consistent updates and reminders for upcoming appointments or any changes that arise. 

Best of all, your patients won’t have to worry about missing any important information because they forgot to write it down. And, if they have any questions, they can email you rather than sitting on hold (unless it’s urgent, of course!)

Therefore, a substantial email list is an invaluable tool for sharing information and keeping everyone in the loop in general. Just make sure that you implement a quick response time to your patients’ emails to become discouraged from reaching out to you. 

Offer Virtual Doctors Visits

The most significant selling point of telehealth right now is being able to attend virtual doctor visits. Virtual health visits save time and money, not to mention some people can’t physically make the trip to see their physician, which can negatively impact their health outcomes.

Virtual care is a great way to remain connected with your patients, no matter how far they are while keeping your practice profitable. 

Be Mobile-Friendly

mobile friendly telehealth

Most Americans do everything on their smartphones today. That means you’re going to have to jump on the bandwagon and not only make your website mobile-friendly, but you should also think about creating an app for your practice that your patients can download.

By creating an app, you’ll have a universal platform to retrieve their information and receive notifications with just a few taps and a password.

Build an Online Presence

Your patients will be more likely to engage with you if they trust your practice. The best way to gain trust today in this digital world is to build a stable online presence that leverages your practice as a brand.

By cultivating your reputation through social media, blog posts, reviews, and more, you’ll be able to increase engagement even when you’re not holding an appointment.

Patients will be able to share their experiences on various platforms regarding your practice, and they’ll get a real-life view of your team—which is precisely what will make them more actively engaged with you.

Don’t Assume Your Senior Patients Aren’t Tech Savvy!

Plenty of seniors are learning the ropes with technology, and they’re doing a good job. They may not have the best text etiquette, but don’t underestimate their ability to navigate apps and emails, as 84% of boomers today use the internet to research their conditions and medications. 

They also prefer to have online interactions with others, including their doctors.

What Are Your Patient Engagement Goals?

Analyze patient engagement goal

Increasing patient engagement is all about creating trust, availability, and simplicity for your patients. When your patients become actively involved in their healthcare treatment plans, they begin taking control over their lives—and that’s when you start to see the positive outcomes.

So, if you want to start seeing more patient engagement, then you’re going to have to put your patients in charge. You’re also going to need a quality telemedicine app that you can easily integrate into your infrastructure.

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