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Top 2021 Marketing Companies for Doctors/Physicians


As a healthcare provider, you are probably more accustomed to focusing on your patients than on medical marketing. That is one reason to hire a marketing company, but there are plenty more!

Read on for:

  • Why is healthcare marketing important?
  • The top 15 healthcare marketing agencies
  • What are the advantages of hiring a top marketing agency for doctors?
  • 5 reasons you should hire a healthcare marketing agency.

Why is Healthcare Marketing Important?

Healthcare marketing is critical if you want to grow your medical practice. The speedy evolution of the healthcare industry brought the focus from a physician-focused industry to a patient-focused industry centered around quality. Practice marketing ensures that your practice remains visible and at the forefront of your potential customers’ thoughts when it is time to see a doctor. It not only attracts new patients, but it allows you to retain your loyal patients.

While many fantastic marketing agencies offer their services to all industries, medical marketing is unique. The way one approaches it should be different, and there are special rules and regulations that one must follow to ensure patient safety. We strongly recommend using a healthcare marketing agency, opposed to a mainstream digital marketing agency.

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15 Healthcare Marketing Agencies:

RevLocal knows that cookie-cutter marketing strategies are not effective. They offer review marketing, social media marketing, paid healthcare advertising services, local search advertising, and will personalize your marketing approach to the medical industry and your unique practice.

SmartSites is among the top 1% of online marketing agencies. They blend exceptional customer service with performance, and their Pay Per Click (PPC) specialists have a track record of successful business growth for their customers. Also, 200% of their SEO campaigns have doubled their traffic in under six months.

Vivial helps medical practices create relevant content for their target audience and distribute it to create meaningful engagement and a pipeline of qualified leads. They offer many services in addition to content marketing, one of which is social media marketing- a powerhouse of digital marketing.

WebFX is a full-service agency that specializes in digital marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking for medical SEO, digital marketing, or web design, they can create a custom solution for the needs of your business.

High-Level Marketing will do what it takes to help you dominate the search results. They start with a quick medical SEO and website analysis, so they can find what areas of digital marketing will be best to focus on for your business growth.

Thrive offers a full suite of digital marketing services and has been in business since 2005. If you need medical SEO, PPC ads, copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), or consulting services, they are a trusted partner with whom you can work.

Sagefrog is a B2B healthcare marketing company. They offer creative work, proactive client services, and results that exceed your expectations. Their integrated marketing resources are at your disposal.

Levo believes in speaking the language of the patient. They search for the questions patients are asking and craft a practice marketing strategy engaging for the patient. In addition to that, their approach is a data-driven approach that allows your practice to stand out.

Distill Health is a marketing and communications agency for Medtech, life science innovations, and medical practices. They focus on brand strategy and are passionate about helping brands accelerate their growth and delivering results for complex health innovations.

Communications Strategy Group (GSC) believes that great marketing should “start with why.” They offer content marketing, brand communications, social media marketing, reputation management, and more.

NoGood is a proven growth marketing agency. They focus on “high-velocity, full-funnel experimentation,” paid performance, content marketing, viral content, community, robust analytics and attribution, and compounding growth.

Area 23 is a full-service marketing agency for medical practices. They have achieved sustained growth for many leading companies in the healthcare industry, and they offer professional communications, planning and strategy, and scientific services.

Response Mine Health is an award-winning digital marketing agency, and they are 100% compliant with HIPAA regulations. Through prioritizing their clients’ initiatives, they focus on finding patients through medical SEO, display advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

McCann Health is an award-winning global healthcare communication network. They combine science, strategy, and creativity in their medical communications, strategic consulting, healthcare marketing, payer, and patient engagement.

W2O is committed to improving patients’ health by teaming with health care brands who want to reimagine health care. They have broad expertise spanning marketing and healthcare advertising, intelligence, branding, science, communications, and public relations.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Top Marketing Agency for Doctors?

When you hire a healthcare marketing agency, they understand a specific process for patient intake, know to focus on patient referrals, are fantastic at increasing patient engagement, offer a unique insight into the healthcare market, and have experience working with doctors.

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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Healthcare Marketing Agency

1. Receive new patients from search engines.

Almost 20% of local searches performed on mobile devices result in a sale within a day. If your practice is not optimized for medical SEO or placing ads on the search page, you miss out.

2. Receive business from Twitter.

81% of millennials are on Twitter daily and want their brands to show cultural awareness and their stances on social issues. Tap into this vast group of potential patients.

3. Pick up new patients from Instagram.

80% of Instagram accounts follow a business and, if you are posting quality content, you can tap into this group of potential clients. Further, the engagement rate is 120 times higher than the engagement rate on Twitter. The engagement rate has a strong link with the trust factor, so don’t miss out.

4. Patients take action when they see a search ad.

Almost 40% of patients visit the practice’s website, and 38% begin researching the practice.

5. Receive patients from Facebook.

Almost 95% of marketers advertise on Facebook regularly- that’s around 3 million businesses! What it means is that you must be on Facebook if you want to remain competitive. With over 1.45 billion users, there is ample opportunity to be seen and heard.


The key takeaway is that there are many reasons to hire a marketing agency to help you with your medical practice. One of the biggest is to receive new patients, but another often overlooked reason is to retain your loyal clients. Additionally, your competitors are using digital marketing. You, too, can stand out and make a difference in the digital community.