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Welcome to the CareTime Md blog, our goal is to write interesting and relevant blog posts around the telehealth and telemedicine field. We hope you enjoy our posts and please feel free to share.  

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Benefits of Telemedicine

How Telemedicine Will Provide Patient Consulting & Monitoring During The COVID-19 Pandemic Telemedicine is defined as the exchange of medical information via electronic communication, such as video messaging, email, and

Practice Need To Offer Telemedicine

What Will A Practice Need To Offer Telemedicine

Technology is constantly playing a vital role in the practice of medicine and telemedicine is certainly one. During this worldwide pandemic, it is being utilized more than ever. It may


Who Bears the Costs and Receives the Benefits of Telehealth?

Let’s talk telehealth. Telehealth is healthcare delivered over telecommunications technology, using combinations of internet, phone, cellular text, or audio/video streams. The delivery of telehealth could take place on a fifty-year-old

6 common questions asked about telemedicine

6 common questions asked about telemedicine

6 Common Questions For Telemedicine Have Questions? The rapid pace of technology is changing the face of healthcare as we know it. Telemedicine is becoming an integral part of the

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