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Welcome to the CareTime Md blog, our goal is to write interesting and relevant blog posts around the telehealth and telemedicine field. We hope you enjoy our posts and please feel free to share.  

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Best Practices for Patient Scheduling

In a continually evolving medical landscape, an adaptable approach that adequately responds to patient needs is necessary. Clinicians who want to serve their patients need to critically evaluate their existing

HIPAA Violations

Most Common HIPAA Violations That Increase Legal Risk

Overview Being compatible with HIPAA rules is crucial to avoid violations, legal consequences, and financial penalties. The most common HIPAA violation rules include: The failure to perform a risk analysis

engaging patients in their care

Top Tips for Ensuring Telehealth Patient Engagement

Most people and providers, telehealth is a means to offer low-cost, convenient, and effective access to healthcare. It’s also a way to get active patient engagement and outcomes.  Of course, patient

Challenges of telehealth

What Are the Challenges of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine presents an exciting new development in today’s healthcare, enabling patients to connect with healthcare professionals through online communication. The benefits of telehealth during the current COVID-19 pandemic when social

Nine Tips to Improve Your Telemedicine Practice

Nine Tips to Improve Your Telemedicine Practice

Throughout the past year, telemedicine has taken off at an astronomical rate. The COVID-19 pandemic medical practices now have to offer a service that used to be an after-thought.  Consequently,


Your Quick Guide for Telemedicine Reimbursements

How does telemedicine reimbursement work? If you’re a practice trying to add telemedicine options to your services, it’s important that you understand the reimbursement model. Prior to the spread of COVID-19, reimbursement

Telemedicine and quality patient care

How Telemedicine Has Improved Patient Care

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic mandated several changes in the way we interact with people, work, and provide treatment. Perhaps the most notable change that occurred in

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