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Welcome to the CareTime Md blog, our goal is to write interesting and relevant blog posts around the telehealth and telemedicine field. We hope you enjoy our posts and please feel free to share.  

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Work life balance

Is Doctor/Physician Work-Life Balance Dead?

Read time: 4 min 20 sec Is It Worth Being a Physician?  The pleasure of healing others can seem overshadowed by the responsibility of patient care, and the pandemic has

Online Doctor Consultation

Best Telemedicine Billing Tips You Need to Know

Do You Know Everything You Need To Know About Billing for Telemedicine? Billing for telemedicine is complex, and new laws emerge every day. Add the differences between payers and the

Data breach in healthcare

5 Simple Steps to Prevent Data Breach

Overview 79 million records. That’s how many records hackers accessed in the Anthem Inc. hacking incident of 2015. Since then, there have been many instances of hackers stealing millions of

Senior woman in video tele medicine call with doctor

How Can Telehealth Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Hospital readmission rates are dropping fast, thanks to telehealth software!  One response to the pandemic was integrating telemedicine into practices, so clinic staff and patients would be safe from the

Telehealth for mental health

Using Telehealth for Mental Therapy Appointments

Overview The rise of mental health issues around the world grabbed the attention of many governments and institutions. Combatting this phenomenon and lowering the prevalence of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress

Best medical stocks to trade

The Best Telehealth Stocks to Buy Right Now

To say that the telemedicine industry has seen explosive growth due to COVID-19 is an understatement. Between that and the recent rebirth of the stock market, telehealth stocks are a

Rating, review for medical practices

The Understated Impact of Patient Reviews

How Many Reviews Do Shoppers Read? The majority of shoppers surveyed read between one and ten reviews before making a purchase decision, and 12% say they will read more than 10 Patient reviews are an often overlooked aspect of

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