CareTime MD Telehealth Software Benefits & Advantages

Telemedicine Technology – The Future of Healthcare

Telemedicine is the transfer of medical data through various technologies, aiming to examine and diagnose some of the patients’ issues remotely. Modern technology and HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms have enabled physicians to consult their patients from a distance. This revolutionary approach has been growing in the last decade. Since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, it is one of the top fighters against the virus, becoming at the same time a vital part of the health system infrastructure.

A survey conducted by Sermo, a physician polling website, has discovered that out of 1,392 physicians, more than 90% are making some or all of their consults through a telehealth solution. surveyed 1,800 patients, and it appears that 83% of them expect to use telemedicine even after the new COVID-19 pandemic finishes. 

It is also vital that ResearchGate pointed out that 52.5% of clinicians think that virtual healthcare visits are more efficient than in-office treatment.

McKinsey discovered that in 2020 telemedicine technology use has grown to 49% from 11% in 2019.

Telemedicine app dashboard

CareTime MD Telemedicine Benefits:

  • No secret payments: we make telemedicine easy by avoiding long-term contracts and starting costs; checkout telemedicine platform cost
  • Progress notes: based on the documentation during the meeting, there will be an automatic generation of a progress note;
  • Prescriptions (RX), Electronic prescriptions (ERX), and EPCS: the electronic prescription is given directly on the virtual visit; you can send the ERX to pharmacies through fax, or through Surescripts;
  • Unlimited meetings: The price covers all of the encounters for the month, with no additional fees at the end of it;
  • Safe and trustworthy: We want to protect patients’ data; therefore, one of our telemedicine app features is being HIPAA compliant;
  • Letters: You can now send and receive letters to/from patients, an insurance company, employer, employees, etc. For keeping them safe, you can attach a copy of the letter in the patient’s record;
  • Registration: By registration, patients offer necessary information about themselves, while you can find data about insurance and employer.

Benefits of Telehealth for Physicians

More access to care

doctor talking to patient through a telemedicine
Physician consulting patient using teleheath software

Practices and hospitals are going through a medical staff crisis, which creates an overload of patients and work. A telemedicine service would benefit the physician by offering the opportunity to consult patients remotely, avoiding the waiting rooms’ frustration. A telemedicine solution would create access to people from rural areas and triage the symptoms to decide if the patient needs to be consulted in-office.

Financial benefits

One of the main advantages of telehealth solution is that it is convenient. Nowadays, people search for effective healthcare, and telemedicine software offers them the opportunity to contact a doctor fast, and without leaving the house. 

Therefore, having a telemedicine platform can bring more clients to the practice or determine the old ones to use your services more often. Doctors can now bill virtual visits and phone calls, which consume far less time than in-person visits.

Better workflow

Most of the telemedicine solutions help the staff quickly identify a patient’s reason for contacting the clinic, making it easier for them to prioritize the severe cases. The persons who are in charge of phone calls and messages can easily redirect the tasks to the nurses or physicians, ensuring that everyone knows what to do for each context. Sometimes, they can transfer some of the more manageable tasks to nurses instead of doctors. Thus, physicians can concentrate on more urgent or difficult issues.

Fewer cancellations and no-shows

Even though it is not so evident, the last-minute cancellations and patients who don’t honor their appointment have a massive negative impact on the overall profit. Telemedicine technology eradicates most of these problems, such as transport, work, or unsupervised children. Instead of canceling the appointment, the patient can transform it into a virtual one, which won’t affect the practice financially, or patient healthcare.

Advantages of Telemedicine for patients

Patient consulting through telemedicine solution
Patient consulting doctor through telemedicine

Fewer costs and more time for the patient

Besides the actual visit, there are many additional costs when a patient is seeing a doctor. These costs include transportation (gas, parking, or public transport).  Also, work is no longer a problem, as you can schedule a consult in your lunch break, or right before/after work.

No more worries about children or elders

Both children and older adults necessitate time and care, and if a patient is responsible for taking care of them, then there would be extremely hard and expensive to find someone qualified to take care of them. The telemedicine technology offers the opportunity to see a doctor without having to search for such an alternative.

No other illness

Being at the doctor’s office can be unpleasant for more reasons, one being the high risk of catching viral illnesses. By visiting the doctor from home, the patient won’t expose themselves to viruses or bacterias, causing other diseases. Plus, they can avoid passing their illness to someone else.

Improved overall health

When it is so convenient to see a doctor, people will want to visit one more. This way, they will keep their conditions under control and will have a better lifestyle in general.

Our Telehealth Software and your Practice an Immediate Connection

CareTimeMD feature-rich telemedicine solution is suitable for any practice, as it has all the necessary functions for great adaptability. We offer secure services, HIPAA compliant, easy to use for patients and employees. We know how essential integration with your EHR software is. Thus, we allow adapting to it. For patients, we are the ones who are changing their medical experience, while for practices, we are the future.