CareTime Md

"First Line of Patient care"

Comprehensive Stand alone Telehealth Solution

The Better Alternative For Your Telehealth Solution

7 reasons why you should take a closer look at CareTime Md

benefits of telehealth

Benefit One

No Hidden fees

No Set-up cost and No long term contracts, using CareTime Md is now even easier.

Benefit Two

Progress Note

Auto-generation of progress note based on the documentation during the encounter

benefit Three


eRx directly on telemedicine virtual visit, send prescriptions to pharmacies via fax or electronically through Surescripts

Benefit Four

Unlimited Encounters

One price covers all your encounters for the entire month, no additional costs at the end of the month.

benefit Five

Secure & Reliable

Fully HIPAA Compliant, Thousands of secure and successful virtual encounters every day

benefit Six

Send & receive Letters

Send letters to patients, insurance, employer, etc. Maintain copies of letters received by attaching those to the patient’s record.

Benefit seven

Patient registration

Register, capture basic patient demographics, insurance, and employer information easily

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Telemedicine - Return on Investment

Two Telemedicine Patient Visits via CareTime will cover the hard cost of a monthly subscription. An example of this equation is an established patient with a billing CPT Code of 99213 should expect a CMS reimbursement amount of $50. The addition of this Telemedicine product to your current list of medical service offerings will bolster a continuity of care and patient retention.telehealth ROI

This information has been collected and demonstrated with the results gathered after CMS lifted Telemedicine restrictions and increasing reimbursements (February 2020). We witnessed a dramatic spike upwards in the number of Telemedicine visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. 

Safety, convenience, and time factor into telemedicine’s “soft cost” consideration, and these soft cost savings can amount to a sizable monthly amount. Time off for patients to leave work and commute to a medical clinic is a cost-saving.

The ecological effect of medical supplies needed to use and inventory regularly has not just the financial cost of widely single-use medical disposables, and the cost of medical waste collection and disposal. This usage cost is saving on an everyday basis and is a tremendous saving over the course of a year.

CareTime technology in consideration of an ROI is possibly the best addition to modern medical clinics. Telemedicine, as a service to patient care and convenience to the provider, will grow in usage and familiarity. 

This superior technology offering by CareTime comes with an easy to use workflow and promotes a positive experience for both provider and patient. 

Telehealth Solution Standard Functionality

Standard Functionality

Additional Options

$149 Monthly

Unlimited Encounters

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Daily Interactions
1 +
Users & Providers
1 m
2019 Closed Encounters

Essentials For A Smooth Provider Experience

hipaa compliant telehealth

HIPAA Compliant

Add this secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth application to your existing EHR

real time telehealth

Patient & Provider Convenience

Proven patient satisfaction, 10000's of daily interactions by patients and providers

Telemedicine app dashboard
Easy to Use

Ease Of Use

Easy to use, operational within 24 - 48 hours, extremely reliable and secure telehealth solution

laptop setting

Smooth Integration

Increase your existing EHR capability with no disruption to your current workflow and documentation

What people say?

“Seamlessly integrated with the current EMR, the process didn’t interrupt our practice workflow 95% of my patients have no issues using it, even my elderly patients are using it without any issues. I would recommend it”.
telemedicine app user
Dr. Mehul Shah, DO
"I have been using the CareTime Feature by bizmatics with such ease,even my elderly patients find it easier to communicate through this CareTime Application"
Telehealth app user
Dr. Suresh Kumar, Diplomate

CareTime Md – Complete Telemedicine Solution

CareTime is the response to the telehealth needs and requirements of a Medical provider currently utilizing an EHR. Our telemedicine app for doctors or medical providers can easily integrate with any EHR product in the Health IT Market.

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has ushered in a medical delivery pivot in the first line of patient care. Healthcare 2.0 Telemedicine becomes the first line of patient care/consultation.

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